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Revive glycerol stock, culture stored at -80C?

Both should work fine, but we always recommend streaking onto agar plates first. If your stocks are contaminated this will often be visible on the plates but very hard to see in broth. Furthermore, if you are counting on doing growth assay and compar...

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Taking Omega-6 Fatty Acids may prevent premature death

Introduction Because the human body cannot synthesize or synthesize very little and must be obtained from food, linoleic acid is called an essential fatty acid. And because linoleic acid can lower blood cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis, it has...

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How to store the conjugated antibody?

For long term storage at 4°C we recommend adding antimicrobial agents and/or stabilizers (e.g. azide, BSA, glycerol, etc.). A new conjugate can be stored for 12-18 months at 4°C as long as the antibody will tolerate storage at 4°C. As the bond betwee...

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How to confirm an insert in a plasmid without sequencing?

If you cloned your gene via restriction sites, then you can cleave your ligated vector with the respective enzymes and release your insert. This insert should have the correct size. Additionally, you can cleave with two restriction enzymes, one ...

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