About NovoPro

With our creativity and full dedication, providing the most valuable tools and solutions for protein research, in this golden age of biology.

Founded in 2013, NovoPro Inc. is formed by a group of experienced scientists, technique experts trained in top research institutes worldwide. All the technical members have years of working experience in leading biological companies.

As one of the most innovative companies in China, NovoPro prides itself on the mission of outstanding-quality research reagents, tools, and services to the worldwide biological research community at highly competitive prices.

Core competencies:

High quality custom services: 100% accuracy for gene synthesis, >98% for custom peptide. The custom polyclonal antibody production will apply multiple antigens, multiple immunizations, together with the proprietary NovoFocusTM antigen design and NovoBoostTM adjuvant, ensure top successful rate of the antibody end-use.

Easy, affordable, enjoyable solutions: Protein sequence is all we need, NovoPro can provide one-stop solution for several tools of target protein study. Further, our helpful tech-support manager and competitive cost will make your research easier, more enjoyable.

Experiencing true customization: Any modification, point mutation or any ideas in your mind, our scientific experts will try hard to realize your requirements, so why not contact us now.

Supporting our customers

  • Easy online order or by email, phone
  • Extensive datasheets:production records, images, validations
  • Provide “end-use guaranteed” services
  • PhDs to help you with your experiments
  • Multi-lingual support: English, Chinese, German
  • 7-24 response to your inquiry
  • 100+online protocols, FAQs and experimental tips
  • A willing and helpful heart

Glance of NovoPro