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Vector Selection Guide

Vector Selection Guide Find the right expression vector for your ORF clone by considering the expression host, promoter, bacterial selection, selection marker, copy number, or epitope tag. You could quick filter the resultes with your input into t...

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Are leader sequences not signal peptides?

Leader sequences are not signal peptides. Although the double use of leader sequences to also depict signal peptides is accepted by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry1and the DNA Database of Japan (DDBJ)/European Molecular Bio...

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Counterstain for DAB based IHC in brain tissues

The fading of NiDAB is due to one of two features. 1) if you keep ANY bleach in the room, the slightest exposure of a slide or glassware or air with some bleach will cause NiDAB to fade (we do not allow ANY bleach in our laboratory but let others nea...

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Calorie restriction+low fat diet=resistance to aging

Introduction: How to combat aging through diet control is a problem that many scientists are actively researching. Recently, a research team from the University of Groningen has discovered a “meal” preventing the related changes in aging inducti...

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A Single high-fat meal could be evil

Introduction: A high-fat diet was once considered one of the risks of cardiovascular disease, but scientists do not know the underlying mechanism. Now, the latest research from the University of Augusta Georgia Medical School (MCG) reveals the link b...

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