Site-Directed Mutagenesis

Site-directed mutagenesis introduces changes to DNA fragments by PCR method, including deletion, insertion and point mutation, which is the most useful means of gene modification and optimization and also is the important tool to study the complicated relation between the protein structure and functions. NovoPro can customize site-directed mutagenesis protocol according to different research purposes. Our specialized services enable you to obtain mutant constructs quickly.

Advantages of NovoPro's Site-Directed Mutagenesis Services

  • Short TAT: common sequence can be delivered to you within 5 working days;
  • Vast operating region: if the distance between two point mutations is <30bp, we deal it as one
  • High quality: NovoPro has rich experience in solving kinds of repetitive sequences, including hairpin structure, high GC, poly structure and other complex sequences perfectly
  • Mutations on Large DNA Constructs: Our technology is optimized to introduce point mutations, insertion mutations, and deletion mutations on constructs as large as 12 kb (including target gene and its vector).
  • One-stop solutions: We offer comprehensive upstream and downstream services, including template DNA sequencing, de novo gene synthesis, Express Cloning into free expression vectors, customized vector construction, and protein expression and purification.
  • Most Competitive Prices starting at $66/mutant

Mutagenesis Services Price and Turnaround Time

Cloned fragment length Amount of point mutation TAT (Business day) Price(USD)
<1000bp 1 5-8 days 66
1000~2000bp 1 5-8 days 66
2000~3000bp 1 5-8 days 99
<1000bp 2 5-8 days 132
1000~3000bp 2 5-8 days 145

Sample Submission Requirements

The complete sequence of the template including the target gene and its vector

Mutation specifications

Maps and antibiotic resistance of the template and destination vectors

Recommended to send 4 μg of template DNA as the starting material. If the starting material is bacterial culture, please send the culture at sufficient amount.

Delivery form

  • 1 tube of 4μg dry powder DNA
  • Original peak diagram of sequencing results,.ab1 format
  • COA file, including QC enzyme digestion verification figure