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How to Improve Peptide Stability?

Many of the "tricks" used by chemists to enhance activity and stability, by protecting peptides against both endo- and exo-peptidases, can also be found in active peptides of microbial or marine origin: D-amino acids or unusual amino acids inste...

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Key molecule behind obesity to diabetes

On October 11th, the journal Cell Metabolism published a new article entitled "Protein Kinase C Epsilon Deletion in Adipose Tissue, but Not in Liver, Improves Glucose Tolerance", revealing a key enzyme, protein kinase. Metabolic details of ...

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10,000+ people study: 7-8 hours is the gold sleep time

Many people believe in the wisdom of being too far behind. Recently, scientists have also verified the charm of this idiom in the small matter of sleep - sleeping too little or too much will have an impact on the brain! The best nightly sleep time is...

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New drug Meavert is effective against pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of the killers of serious public health threats. The data show that about 55,000 people will be diagnosed with this disease in the United States this year, and more than 44,000 people will die. Currently, the five-year surviv...

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