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A Single high-fat meal could be evil

Introduction: A high-fat diet was once considered one of the risks of cardiovascular disease, but scientists do not know the underlying mechanism. Now, the latest research from the University of Augusta Georgia Medical School (MCG) reveals the link b...

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FACS Buffer: Why include FBS?

This reduces the chance of heterophilic antibody interference. In most antibody assays, protein is used to prevent these interactions. Heterophilic antibody interference causes both false positives and false negatives.Also, if you just put 10mL of FB...

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Interstitials - New Organ?

Introduction: On March 27th, Scientific Journals published an interesting article revealing a structure that has long been missed by traditional anatomy - the interstitium. Because it is widely present throughout the body and involved in many kinds o...

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PNAS: only need to sleep 5 hours a day by DEC2 mutation

Introduction: Adequate sleep is essential for physical and mental health. Most people need about 8-8.5 hours of sleep every night to feel good. However, scientists have discovered that a genetic mutation can make people sleep only about 5 hours a day...

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Revive glycerol stock, culture stored at -80C?

Both should work fine, but we always recommend streaking onto agar plates first. If your stocks are contaminated this will often be visible on the plates but very hard to see in broth. Furthermore, if you are counting on doing growth assay and compar...

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Taking Omega-6 Fatty Acids may prevent premature death

Introduction Because the human body cannot synthesize or synthesize very little and must be obtained from food, linoleic acid is called an essential fatty acid. And because linoleic acid can lower blood cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis, it has...

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