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How to interpret result of fold change in qPCR?

IF you calculate∆Ct = Ct[Housekeeping]-Ct[Target] ... and ∆∆Ct = (∆Exp.)-(∆Control)THEN∆∆Ct is a log-fold-change.IF you calculate∆Ct = Ct[Target]-Ct[Housekeeping] ... and ∆∆Ct = (∆Exp.)-(∆Control)THEN-∆∆Ct is a log-fold-change(logs to the base 2).IF ...

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How to exactly measure the OD600 of E.coli suspension?

Measuring optical density (OD) using a spectrophotometer is often problematic if the physics behind the method is not understood. For example, the relationship is between biomass concentration and OD, not cell number and OD. This is because larger ce...

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How to dissolve BSA powder?

It is very easy. For instance, you want to make a 5% solution in TBS-Tween. You just put 2.5 g BSA in 50 ml of TBS-Tween, you put the sample at 4 C and after 10 minutes it is dissolved. No stirring, no mixing.It is worthing noting that you should not...

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