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How to publish qPCR data in a bar graph?

If you want to relate expressions among several groups, it's best to show dCt. If the comparisons at all done to the same reference, best show ddCt.Never ever use simple barcharts (as used so terribly often in biomedical papers). If you have smal...

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Why do His tagged protein not binding to Ni beads?

There are many factors that may affect the protein binding:0. The His tag is incorporated into the tertiary structure of the protein and inaccessible to the Ni column. Try a batch under denaturing conditions (8M Urea or 6 M Guanidine) to check this. ...

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How to convert centrifuge RPM to RCF or g force?

It is much better to use g (the capital G is not the correct unit) as a unit for centrifugation steps, which refers to the acceleration applied to your samples (so 10,000 g means 10,000 times Earth's gravitational force). Also, 'g' is the...

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How to store RNA?

1. Stored RNA is stable when it is precipitated in Elthanol or Isopropanol and kept at -80°C.2. In DEPC treated water at -80°C in multiple aliquots to avoid multiple freeze thaw cycles.3. Converting the RNA to cDNA and storing it in RNase free water ...

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Frequently Asked Questions of Peptides

What is a CoA?CoA stands for CoA Certificate of Analysis. Data listed on the CoA were determined for the actual batch. What does HPLC purity mean?The purity determined by (analytical) HPLC (%) using UV detection corresponds to the percentage of ...

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Pubmedy: a Chrome extension for NCBI

Pubmedy is a Chrome extension for NCBI website.  New updates(2018-04-16, please downgrade the extension to version: 0.5.8 [SEE BOTTOM]) 1. Pubmed ID or doi can be automatically extracted for full text download, from any...

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