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Bacterial Recombinant Protein Expression Service


NovoPro offers various recombinant protein & rAb expression platforms for any custom requirements. As our name, we aim to accelerate protein research by being a reliable partner and explore Novo-frontiers in science.

All the package services we are providing, are a customized, one-stop and 100% guaranteed solution:
*Free protein analysis and project design
*Free gene synthesis, free subcloning
*100% guarantee the amount and purity, no cost if the project fails
*Flexible with any customer’s requirements

Protein Expression System Recommended Species Recommended Quantity Post-translational Modification Protein Folding Purity Lead Time
E.coli All Species 1-20 mg None Partial ≥80% 4-8 Weeks
Insect/Baculovirus Expression System Eukaryotes 500 µg-5 mg Authentic All ≥90% 8-12 Weeks
HEK293, CHO Cells
(transient expression)
100 µg-5 mg Authentic All ≥85% 4-6 Weeks
HEK293, CHO Cells
(stable expression)
5 mg-5000 mg Authentic All ≥90% 8-10 Weeks

E.Coli expression, ArcticExpress System and Advanced plasmid for Guaranteed Quality

Production procedures

protein expression timeline

ArcticExpress 11℃ Expression, Overcoming Protein Misfolding and Insolubility

Low Growth Temperatures Significantly Enhance Protein Folding and Solubility

Figure 1. X-21p expression at both 11°C and 30°C. Solubility of X-21p was enhanced at the lower growth temperature in all cells expressing chaperonin Cpn60 and co-chaperonin Cpn10.

Improved Protein Activity with Cold-Adapted Expression Technology

Figure 2. ArcticExpress Cells (11°C) and BL21-Gold Competent Cells (37°C) were used to express phosphatase proteins PTEN and MTMR7 with GST epitope tags. Phosphatase activity was enhanced in proteins expressed in ArcticExpress system at 11°C.

pLte Plasmid Designed for High-level Expression of Soluble Protein


  1. Carrying cspA low-tep promoter, 11℃ induction, increasing the protein solubility;
  2. SD sequence inside, increase initiation codon efficiency;
  3. Forming TEE sequence, enhance the DNA transcription, thus boost the protein expression;
  4. AMP resistance screening.

pSUMO Plasmid Designed for Correct 3D Folding


  1. Carrying cspA low-tep promoter, 11℃ induction, increasing the protein solubility;
  2. With SUMO fusion protein, forming 3-D structure, promoting protein folding accuracy.
  3. SUMO enzyme precisely slicing fusion protein, no residues in N-terminal;
  4. Kan resistance screening.

NovoBacTM E.coli Expression, One-stop Solution with Guaranteed Success

*Free gene synthesis, free subcloning, FREE-If-Fail guarantee

Customer Provides Tag Options Amount* Timeline Purity Deliverables Pricing

Target protein sequence

His Tag
(pLte plasmid)
1mg - 6mg 4-6 weeks


  1. Clone Cell Line
  2. Plasmid
  3. Expression Cell Line
  4. Recombinant Protein
  5. Data and QC reports
1mg - 3mg 6-8 weeks $1,499

*Protein amount is flexible according to the customer’s request.


  1. Protein analysis and project proposal is utmost welcome and totally free.
  2. To increase the expression level of your protein, codon optimization using our proprietary, NovoGene™ technology, is recommended to be performed during gene synthesis.
  3. Insoluble proteins maybe subject to protein refolding procedures.
  4. In all cases, final protein will be guaranteed to meet listed specifications, failing which, any charge to the customer will be waived (exclusions are applicable to membrane proteins, toxic proteins and for target proteins greater than 100kDa).