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Handling and Storage of Synthetic Peptides

Storage of Lyophilized PeptideWhen peptides are received, ensure they are kept in a cool, dark place. For best preservation, store them under refrig-eration at 4°C or colder, away from bright light. Dry peptides are stable at room temperature for day...

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NEJM: Vitamin D deficiency may be exaggerated

Vitamin D is essential for strong bones and may play a role in other health conditions, but it is not certain. Misconceptions about vitamin D   recommendations can lead to misinterpretation of blood tests. Many people   think they need more...

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Online Order Overview

Step 1: Find the product that you want to order, choose the size and add to cart.Step 2: You can continue shopping, get an online quotation, check out or edit your orders.Step 3: If you click 'Checkout', you could place the order without regi...

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Payment Instructions

Pay by Credit Card 1. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover are accepted. 2. All transactions are 100% confidential. 3. The payment is handled by PayPal (no PayPal account needed). Pay by PayPal 1. Attention: Temporally Egypt Pounds (...

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Information about Purchase Orders (PO)

What is a PO? A Purchase Order (PO) is an official commercial document issued by a buyer to a seller, listing requested items and their prices. Organizations often use POs to allocate funds for payment after requested goods are receive...

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