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Like it or not? Gene makes the call!

Introduction: As a modern parent, you should understand that everyone is different gene, a strong rejection of the long-term if the child something to eat, in addition to naughty, it may be due to a genetic defect leads to intolerance, thereby op...

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PNAS: The next anti-cancer drugs lies in snails?

Introduction: One kind of the venom from Queensland cone snail hidden thousands of peptide toxins, which were potentially contain the value of the precious drugs, possibly provide new leads of pain and cancer drugs. In recent PNAS study, the rese...

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Cell: papers about healthy diet, cheers!

Introduction: So, how to eat healthy? Scientists and nutritionists answer questions has been constant exploration. Recent Cell Press Release topics: You Gonna Eat That Appetite and Energy Balance, from its collection in a number of articles reviewed...

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Researchers Entrepreneurship: a dangerous game?

Introduction: For those willing to take risks, ready to transfer the research, laboratory technology, as an entrepreneurs, to provide technology products for the uncertain market, the challenges of the transition process should not be overlooked. En...

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