Palindromic Sequences Finder

This tool finds the palindromic sequences from the input sequence. Input the sequence and range of the length of palindromic sequence in the below boxes.

'U' will be replaced with 'T' .

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Definitions of Palindromic sequence

A DNA sequence whose 5'-to-3' sequence is identical on each DNA strand. The sequence is the same when one strand is read left to right and the other strand is read right to left. Recognition sites of many restriction enzymes are palindromic.

The pairing of nucleotides within the DNA double-helix is complementary which consist of Adenine (A) pairing with either Thymine (T) in DNA or Uracil (U) in RNA, while Cytosine (C) pairs with Guanine (G). So if a sequence is palindromic, the nucleotide sequence of one strand would be the same as its reverse complementary strand. An example of a palindromic sequence is 5’-GGATCC-3’, which has a complementary strand, 3’-CCTAGG-5’. This is the sequence where the restriction endonuclease, BamHI, binds to and cleaves at a specific cleavage site. When the complementary strand is read backwards, the sequence is 5’-GGATCC-3’ which is identical to the first one, making it a palindromic sequence.


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