AAVS1-Neo-M2rtTA vector (V006735)

Basic Vector Information

AAVS1 donor vector for genomic targeting

      • Vector Name:
      • AAVS1-Neo-M2rtTA
      • Antibiotic Resistance:
      • Ampicillin
      • Length:
      • 10080 bp
      • Type:
      • Mammalian Expression Vectors
      • Selection Marker:
      • Neomycin (select with G418)
      • Promoter:
      • CAG

AAVS1-Neo-M2rtTA vector Vector Map

AAVS1-Neo-M2rtTA10080 bp50010001500200025003000350040004500500055006000650070007500800085009000950010000HA-LSAT2ANeoR/KanRCMV enhancerchicken beta-actin promoterchimeric intronrtTA-AdvancedSV40 poly(A) signalHA-RT7 promoterM13 fwdccdBAmpRoriCAP binding sitelac promoterlac operatorM13 revT3 promoter

Plasmid Resuspension Protocol:

1. Centrifuge at 5,000×g for 5 min.

2. Carefully open the tube and add 20 μl of sterile water to dissolve the DNA.

3. Close the tube and incubate for 10 minutes at room temperature.

4. Briefly vortex the tube and then do a quick spin to concentrate the liquid at the bottom. Speed is less than 5000×g.

5.Store the plasmid at -20 ℃.

AAVS1-Neo-M2rtTA vector Sequence

Copy Sequence

Download GeneBank File(.gb)

LOCUS       Exported               10080 bp ds-DNA     circular SYN 13-JAN-2022
DEFINITION  synthetic circular DNA
SOURCE      synthetic DNA construct
  ORGANISM  synthetic DNA construct
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 10080)
  TITLE     Direct Submission
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..10080
                     /organism="synthetic DNA construct"
                     /mol_type="other DNA"
     misc_feature    33..836
                     /note="left homology arm from the adeno-associated virus 
                     integration site (AAVS1) within intron 1 of the human 
                     PPP1R12C gene"
     misc_feature    843..868
                     /note="splice acceptor site"
     CDS             892..945
                     /product="2A peptide from Thosea asigna virus capsid 
                     /note="Eukaryotic ribosomes fail to insert a peptide bond 
                     between the Gly and Pro residues, yielding separate 
     CDS             961..1764
                     /gene="aph(3')-II (or nptII)"
                     /product="aminoglycoside phosphotransferase from Tn5"
                     /note="confers resistance to neomycin, kanamycin, and G418 
     enhancer        2389..2692
                     /note="CMV enhancer"
                     /note="human cytomegalovirus immediate early enhancer"
     promoter        2694..2971
                     /note="chicken beta-actin promoter"
     intron          2973..3990
                     /note="chimeric intron"
                     /note="chimera between introns from chicken beta-actin and 
                     rabbit beta-globin"
     CDS             4090..4836
                     /product="improved tetracycline-controlled transactivator"
                     /note="In the Tet-On(R) system, rtTA-Advanced binds to the 
                     Tet-responsive element and stimulates transcription only in
                     the presence of tetracycline or doxycycline."
     polyA_signal    4846..4980
                     /note="SV40 poly(A) signal"
                     /note="SV40 polyadenylation signal"
     misc_feature    5310..6146
                     /note="right homology arm from the adeno-associated virus 
                     integration site (AAVS1) within intron 1 of the human 
                     PPP1R12C gene"
     promoter        complement(6187..6205)
                     /note="T7 promoter"
                     /note="promoter for bacteriophage T7 RNA polymerase"
     primer_bind     complement(6212..6228)
                     /note="M13 fwd"
                     /note="common sequencing primer, one of multiple similar 
     CDS             6366..6668
                     /product="CcdB, a bacterial toxin that poisons DNA gyrase"
                     /note="Plasmids containing the ccdB gene cannot be 
                     propagated in standard E. coli strains."
     CDS             complement(8065..8925)
                     /note="confers resistance to ampicillin, carbenicillin, and
                     related antibiotics"
     rep_origin      9049..9637
                     /note="high-copy-number ColE1/pMB1/pBR322/pUC origin of 
     protein_bind    9925..9946
                     /bound_moiety="E. coli catabolite activator protein"
                     /note="CAP binding site"
                     /note="CAP binding activates transcription in the presence 
                     of cAMP."
     promoter        9961..9991
                     /note="lac promoter"
                     /note="promoter for the E. coli lac operon"
     protein_bind    9999..10015
                     /bound_moiety="lac repressor encoded by lacI"
                     /note="lac operator"
                     /note="The lac repressor binds to the lac operator to 
                     inhibit transcription in E. coli. This inhibition can be 
                     relieved by adding lactose or 
                     isopropyl-beta-D-thiogalactopyranoside (IPTG)."
     primer_bind     10023..10039
                     /note="M13 rev"
                     /note="common sequencing primer, one of multiple similar 
     promoter        10060..10078
                     /note="T3 promoter"
                     /note="promoter for bacteriophage T3 RNA polymerase"

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