Pubmedy: a Chrome extension for NCBI

Pubmedy is a Chrome extension for NCBI website. 

Functions and demonstration:

1. Show magazine impact factor (IF) and the citation number (data source: Europe PMC)①②;

2. FREE FULL paper download link (from Sci-Hub). Stable, tested link with frequent update③;

3. One-key citation (AMA format) ④;


4. Highlight CDS (Coding DNA Sequence) at GeneBank, one-click copy CDS①②.


Demonstration web:

The red background sequence is the CDS, left-click this region, the sequence will be copy to clipboard and delete all the line breaks, numbers and spaces. Then a notice will be showed at ②, the sequence can be paste to any places.

How to setup:

1. Visit the link with Chrome, link:

2. Click “ADDED to CHROME” button

3. Automatically work at NCBI website, Pubmed/Genbank.

Feedbacks and suggestions

We are working on more exciting functions, please let us know if you have any comments and suggestions. Please contact at any time.

Souce: NovoPro    2017-12-19