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10,000+ people study: 7-8 hours is the gold sleep time

Many people believe in the wisdom of being too far behind. Recently, scientists have also verified the charm of this idiom in the small matter of sleep - sleeping too little or too much will have an impact on the brain! The best nightly sleep time is 7-8 hours.


Did you sleep enough? Can you change your sleep and get back more? Don't make trouble, it's not scientific. Recently, a recent study published in the Sleep journal showed that people who slept 7-8 hours per night had better cognitive performance than those who slept less than or more than 7-8 hours. .

The result is from one of the world's largest sleep studies to date: launched in June 2017, and in just a few days, more than 10,000 people from around the world participated in the online scientific survey, including an in-depth survey. Questionnaires and a series of cognitive performance activities.

The data shows that about half of the participants reported that they sleep less than 6.3 hours per night. Surprisingly, most participants who sleep less than 4 hours seem to be almost 8 years older than their actual age.

Sleeping less affects brain function is easy to understand. But recent research suggests that sleeping too much can also affect cognitive ability. Moreover, sleep has the same effect on all adults – regardless of age, the optimal sleep time for cognitive ability is the same, 7-8 hours.

Specifically, the two behaviors most affected by sleep are our reasoning ability and language ability, while the short-term memory ability is relatively unaffected. This is in contrast to most scientific studies on complete deprivation of sleep, suggesting that long-term sleep deprivation has a different effect on the brain than day and night.

In addition, the damage caused by too little or too much sleep has nothing to do with the age of the participants. At the same time, participants who slept more than usual on the night before the study performed better than those who slept less than usual.

“We found that the best sleep time to keep the brain in top condition is 7-8 hours per night. At the same time, the burden of sleeping too little or too much on health is the same,” said Owen Laboratory Research Assistant Conor Wild. Road.


Souce: NovoPro    2018-10-17