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Phage display custom monoclonal antibody

NovoPhageTM, a revolution for monoclonal antibody, in every aspect

One month express antibody experience

Time is precious, and should be no more waiting. Comparing to the traditional 4-6 months of mouse hybridoma monoclonal antibody, much time is freed to explore, to create, to succeed.

Production Timeline:

phage display antibody production

Library up to 100 billion antibodies, for guaranteed quality and success

NovoPro constructed phage display libraries includes human Naive Library, Immune Library as well as Synthetic and Semi-synthetic antibody libraries. Each library is with the abundance > 1010 pfu and >85% gene coverage.

Billions of potential binding entities of our library ensure a 96% selection success rate and nM or even pM level of the output antibodies.

Fully human antibody, flexible for engineering and optimization

All the antibodies produced from NovoPro library are fully human antibody with known sequence.

The antibodies can easily be mutated to enhance its affinity, conduct Nanobody, Bispecific antibody engineering and any modification due to specific requirement.


Proprietary affinity ranking ,sound quality control, true partnership

Our dual-way affinity ranking algorithm allows large sets of antibodies can be screened simultaneously and maximize the chance of identifying the best antibody candidate.

NovoPro guarantee 100% success of the delivered antibodies in WB and ELISA, sound selection and validation data will be provided.

You are always welcome to discuss with our experts about any thoughts and problems in experiments. We would try our best to make your research easy and enjoyable.


One-stop monoclonal antibody solutions:

  PhageExpress PhageEase PhageEukaryote
Project requires

Purified protein: >80% purity,
>1.0 mg

Plasmid or Gene/Protein
ID and sequence

Plasmid or Gene/Protein
ID and sequence


3-10 candidate antibodies,
0.5 mg each

3-10 candidate antibodies,
0.5 mg each

3-10 candidate antibodies,
0.5 mg each


Prokaryote expressed protein,
0.2 mg (protein domain or full length)

Eukaryote expressed protein,
0.2 mg, (protein domain or full length)

WB and ELISA validation reports

WB and ELISA validation reports

WB and ELISA validation reports

Validation criteria

ELISA>64K against the protein antigen; Clear WB band target the protein antigen

Delivery time

24-36 days

56-65 days

56-66 days

Price (USD)




Options for cell lines and purified antibody

* For the tested, well-performing Fab antibodies, multiple choice for follow-up studies:


Converting the Fab antibody into full length antibody and construction of the stable CHO cell lines

Purified antibody


CHO cell lines which stably express the full length human IgG antibody
(with complete intellectual property)

Large quantity of purified antibody

Price (USD)