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  • Anti-SCARB2 antibody

Anti-SCARB2 antibody

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Product Information

  • Product Name
    Anti-SCARB2 antibody
  • Documents
  • Description
    Rabbit Monoclonal to Mouse SCARB2
  • Tested applications
  • Species reactivity
    Mouse LIMP-2 / SCARB2 / CD36L2
  • Alternative names
    9330185J12Rik antibody; AMRF antibody; Cd36l2 antibody; CD36L2 antibody; HLGP85 antibody; LGP85 antibody; LIMP-2 antibody; LIMP-2 antibody; LIMPII antibody; MLGP85 antibody; Scarb2 antibody; SCARB2 antibody; SR-BII antibody; AMRF antibody; EPM4 antibody; LGP85 antibody; CD36L2 antibody; HLGP85 antibody; LIMP-2 antibody; LIMPII antibody; SR-BII antibody; LGP85 antibody; Cd36l2 antibody; LIMP-2 antibody; MLGP85 antibody; 9330185J12Rik antibody
  • Immunogen
  • Isotype
    Rabbit IgG
  • Preparation
    This antibody was obtained from a rabbit immunized with purified, recombinant Mouse LIMP-2 / SCARB2 / CD36L2 (rM LIMP-2 / SCARB2 / CD36L2; NP_031670.1; Met1-Thr432) and conjugated with PE under optimum conditions, the unreacted PE was removed.
  • Clonality
  • Formulation
    Aqueous solution containing 0.5% BSA and 0.09% sodium azide
  • Storage instructions
    This antibody is stable for 12 months from date of receipt when stored at 2℃-8℃. Protected from prolonged exposure to light. Do not freeze !
    Sodium azide is toxic to cells and should be disposed of properly. Flush with large volumes of water during disposal.
  • Applications
  • Validations

    LIMP-2 / SCARB2 / CD36L2 Antibody (PE), Rabbit MAb, Flow cytometric

    LIMP-2 / SCARB2 / CD36L2 Antibody (PE), Rabbit MAb, Flow cytometric

    Flow cytometric analysis of Mouse SCARB2 expression in spleen lymphocytes. The cells were treated according to manufacturer’s manual (BD Pharmingen™ Cat. No. 554714), and then stained with PE Rabbit anti-Mouse SCARB2. The fluorescence histograms were derived from gated events with the forward and side light-scatter characteristics of intact cells.

  • Background
    Lysosomal Integral Membrane Protein II (LIMPII), also known as SCARB2, LPG85, and CD36L2, is a type I II multi-pass membrane glycoprotein that is located primarily in limiting membranes of lysosomes and endosomes on all tissues and cell types so far examined. This protein may participate in membrane transportation and the reorganization of endosomal/lysosomal compartment. LIMPII is identified as a receptor for EV71 (human enterovirus species A, Enterovirus 71) and CVA16 (coxsackievirus A16) which are most frequently associated with hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD). Expression of human LIMPII enables normally unsusceptible cell lines to support the viruses’ propagation and develop cytopathic effects. In addition, LIMPII also has been shown to bind thrombospondin-1, may contribute to the pro-adhesive changes of activated platelets during coagulation, and inflammation. Deficiency of the protein in mice impairs cell membrane transport processes and causes pelvic junction obstruction, deafness, and peripheral neuropathy.
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