siRNA Oligo sets

NovoPro offers pre-designed sets of 3 siRNA oligo duplexes targeting any gene of interest in human, mouse or rat, along with free positive and negative controls for your experiment. The duplexes can be transfected individually or pooled together to achieve knockdown of the target gene, which is most commonly assessed by qPCR or western blot. Our siRNA oligos are shipped as pre-annealed, lyophilized powder for longer and more stable storage.


  • HPLC purification: siRNA content >97%
  • Set of 3 siRNA oligo duplexes for maximum knockdown in human, mouse, or rat
  • 19-23 bases for each siRNA oligo duplex
  • Annealed dsRNA aliquots in lyophilized powder
  • Free positive and negative controls included in every set
  • Free design support; guaranteed knockdown of at least 70% in every set

Search for your target by gene name or accession number below to order:

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